IT Support

To support your system, Trabas offers various types of support - from full IT support outsourcing to limited support on specific server. Please contact Trabas Sales to discuss the Service Level Agreement, which may combine any of the following service coverage and support types:

Service Coverage

  • Desktop Support:

    • Hardware and standard desktop application standardization
    • basic maintenance
    • usage assistance & additional setting
    • trouble shooting & cause analysis

  • Server & Infrastructure Support:

    • Server & network application and hardware standardization
    • standard monitoring and maintenance
    • administration and server backup
    • trouble shooting & cause analysis

Support Types

  • Remote Support

    Support via phone, email, web, fax, or remote accesss (via Internet or dial in). Remote Access can be unlimited or on-call basis, depends on the support package.

  • Onsite Support

    Support on your site. Onsite Support can be scheduled or on call basis.

  • Discussion & Recommendation

    Discussion can be via phone/email or onsite

  • On-Call Support Manager

    On-Call Support Manager will be the hotline contact point from your company to Trabas, who can be reached 24 x 7 or during business hours - depend on the Support Package.

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