Custom Application Development

Do you like our approach in application development, but none of our of-the-shelf modules matches your needs? Don't worry, we will build a custom application for you, based on Trabas DataWeb Framework and/or other Open Source components.

Some of the custom-made applications we provide to our customers are:

  • Corporate Presence, which can be updated by non-technical users

  • Corporate Portal, to access company's data banks

  • Employee Portal, providing employees with important information & links, webmail, discussion forum, shared calendars, and other relevant resources

  • Reporting System, to generate and publish web-based reports from existing application

  • Case Management, to log, monitor, and trace the cases handled by the company

  • Document Management System, to keep company's soft-and-hard-copy documents, with extensive search capabilities

  • Library System, which manages books as well as members, and helps members and librarians in each step: book - borrow - return

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